Remember the days when we wrote letters on paper, used postage stamps, sent film away to be processed just so we had photos? Some of our staff do too!

In the 21st Century we no longer do business this way. At RPF we continue to invest in digital tools that allow our staff to focus on the essentials; the repair of our customer’s property.

Pocket IQ was designed to allow Trades to be an integral part of the repair process. There is both an iOS and Android version of the IQ Tradie APP. IQ Tradie allows our trades to see the SOW, Trade Job Notes and take photos that auto upload to our job management system.

Download IQ Tradie and follow the registration prompts. RPF Support will confirm when you are registered. If you are unsure talk to your RPF contact (Supervisor) for more details. Note: You must be a registered user before you can access any information. Registration can be done here